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Aéronautique : IFR trainer is an instrument flight sim for IFR practice (version française)

Tim Carlson developed this Java applet to improve his flying skills in instrument meteorological condition (IMC). Flying by instrument rules (IFR : Instrument Flight Rules) is not an easy thing to learn. With this IFR flight simulator, you will develop and improve your instrument navigation understanding and accuracy. It will help you a lot to learn how to intercept a QDM, a QDR interception, how to track a radial, how to intercept a radial outbound, inbound, how to fly a DME arc, how to enter a holding pattern, and so on. The instruments available are the classical VOR, VOR RMI, HSI, ADF and the Directional Gyro. Thanks to a NAV1 and a NAV2, you will also be able to train for 2 NDB approaches and 2 NDB holdings. A good tool if you are about to acquire an IR (Instrument Rating) !

IFR Flight Simulator

You need to enable Java in your browser to use this flight sim




Click/Drag on the Map

Move the airplane, the transmitters, or change the wind vector (if in wind mode)


Click the Buttons

Change the vector (OBS) for the instrument (except the RMI, DG)


Up & Down Arrows

Increase or decrease the airplane speed (60-300 kt - my future Lancair IVP)


Left and Right Arrows

Increase or decrease turn rate (deg/sec)


Space Bar

Instantly set the turn rate to zero



Reposition transmitters to original positions - useful if you've moved them off the map



Toggle radials on & off (dark colors = from side of VORs, light colors = TO side of VORs)


1 or 2

Switch instrument 1 or 2 between VOR, HSI, ADF, RMI, DG, or Text



Toggle Wind mode (shown in status line) - when in wind mode you can click/drag on the map to change the wind vector



Pause the animation (wind and airplane motion) - you can still rotate the instruments and drag the plane



Trace - start/stop a trail of dots showing the airplane's path



Hide - stop/start displaying the airplane and trace



Lost - randomly reposition the airplane on the map - most useful when the plane is hidden